RAVE observations

The DR6 of RAVE releases calibrated spectra.

As 2dF instrument produces multiple spectra per observation, in RAVE terminology a field, covering an area of up to XbyX arcmin.
You can retrieve all spectra of such a field.

You can find all fits files (spectra) for a field in the "ravedr6"."dr6_spectra" table, accessible by the query interface.

How to view a field

Each field has a unique field number which you can get by cutting off the fiber number (the last tree digits and the _). Each field page provides a list of all processed spectra and observational parameters of this field.

You can access a field page by using the prefix
https://www.rave-survey.org/fields/ and appending its shortened rave_obs_id.

Here is an example using


cut the last four chars to get the RAVE 

The observation is accessible with

Field :

Clicking on the link will open up the field page with basic properties of the observation.