Table with results from C. Boeche's Chemical Pipeline for RAVE stars

The data can be accessed using the query interface or downloaded at Downloads. Please cite this data set using the unique digital object identifier doi:10.17876/rave/dr.4/003.


RAVE_OBS_IDvarcharmeta.idUnique Identifier for RAVE objects, Observation Date, Fieldname, Fibernumber
Mgfloatphys.abund.Zdex[Mg/H] abundance of Mg
Mg_Nsmallintmeta.numberNumber of used spectral lines in calc. of [Mg/H]
Alfloatphys.abund.Zdex[Al/H] abundance of Al
Al_Nsmallintmeta.numberNumber of used spectral lines in calc. of [Al/H]
Sifloatphys.abund.Zdex[Si/H] abundance of Si
Si_Nsmallintmeta.numberNumber of used spectral lines in calc. of [Si/H]
Tifloatphys.abund.Zdex[Ti/H] abundance of Ti
Ti_Nsmallintmeta.numberNumber of used spectral lines in calc. of [Ti/H]
Fefloatphys.abund.Zdex[Fe/H] abundance of Fe
Fe_Nsmallintmeta.numberNumber of used spectral lines in calc. of [Fe/H]
Nifloatphys.abund.Zdex[Ni/H] abundance of Ni
Ni_Nsmallintmeta.numberNumber of used spectral lines in calc. of [Ni/H]
Teff_Kfloatphys.temperature.effectiveKEffective temperature
logg_Kfloatphys.gravitydexLog gravity (Note 2, DR5)
Met_N_Kfloatphys.abund.ZdexCalibrated metallicity [m/H]
Met_cfloatphys.abund.Zdex[m/H] [Chemical Pipeline]
Alpha_cfloatphys.abunddex[Alpha/Fe] [Chemical pipeline]
STN_cfloatstat.snr(R+)Signal / Noise Ratio Chemical pipeline
frac_cfloatstat.valueChemical pipeline, fraction
N_totsmallintmeta.numbertotal number of evaluated spectra
CHISQ_cfloatstat.fit.chi2chi square [Chemical pipeline]
sigma_cfloatstat.paramChemical pipeline, best matching line profile
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