Data Release 5

For the scientific description of data release 5 see: The RAdial Velocity Experiment (RAVE): Fifth data release.

A short description and documentation of the DR5 tables.

This includes as Metadata:

  • Name
  • Data type
  • UCD (VO descriptor)
  • Unit
  • Description

for each column of the published tables.

Changes are noted below the table description.

Please use the database query for accessing the data. The listed table names refer to the table names in the

RAVE spectra with problematic radial velocity measurements

Based on the comparison between RAVE and Gaia DR2 radial velocity measurements we have identified 707 spectra in the DR5 database for which RAVE radial velocities are systematically offset. The list of these spectra is available here:

We ask everyone using this dataset to also exclude it if it is part of your analysis.



UCD (Unified Content Descriptor): see UCD1+ Controlled Vocabulary (Virtual ObservatoryRecommendation)

Unit: astronomical units, see e.g. Units in the VO (Virtual ObservatoryRecommendation)