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13.07.2018: Constant_High_HRV_offset-DR5-RAVE_OBS_ID

  • Added list of RAVE_OBS_ID for stars with high velocities errors
    as correction for RAVDEDR5 table.
    These stars have a constant velocity offset of ~100km/s compared to GaiaDR2
    owing to sky subtraction issues

22.08.2017: (V6.0)

  • updated wrong MJD_OBS for fields
  • 20040110_0336m1, 20040110_0535m29, 20040110_0953m16, 20040111_0943m05

02.03.2017: (V5.0)

  • updated empty ID_HIPPARCOS column

07.02.2017: (V4.0)

  • removed erroneous entries for Mg_N/Mg (Mg_N <0)
  • corrected unit from kpc to pc for distances/error in distances
  • corrected erroneous negative errors for USNOB1 proper mountions (epm_RA,epm_DE)_USNOB1 generated by type error on crossmatching

25.11.2016: (V3.0)

  • removed data on spectral parameters for observations until 20040403. These were from a test run and remained erroneously in the file.

08.11.2016: (V2.0)

  • updated row numbers in RAVE_DR5
  • removed inconsistencies in cuts
  • renamed cols for final version for DR5 paper

31.10.2016: (V1.0)

  • corrected columns Bmag_APASSDR9 and MatchFlag_APASSDR9
  • corrected column FitQuality_Binney: data type is float
  • inserted values for CluStar_Flag and FootPrint_Flag