Crossmatch RAVE DR5 and USNO B1.0 (ravedr5.rave_usnob10)

The table has 519987 rows, 13 columns.


Crossmatch RAVE DR5 and USNO B1.0 catalogs


Funding for RAVE has been provided by: the Australian Astronomical Observatory; the Leibniz-Institut für Astrophysik Potsdam (AIP); the Australian National University; the Australian Research Council; the French National Research Agency; the German Research Foundation (SPP 1177 and SFB 881); the European Research Council (ERC-StG 240271 Galactica); the Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica at Padova; The Johns Hopkins University; the National Science Foundation of the USA (AST-0908326); the W. M. Keck foundation; the Macquarie University; the Netherlands Research School for Astronomy; the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada; the Slovenian Research Agency; the Swiss National Science Foundation; the Science & Technology Facilities Council of the UK; Opticon; Strasbourg Observatory; and the Universities of Groningen, Heidelberg and Sydney. Based on data products from observations made with ESO Telescopes at the La Silla Paranal Observatory under programme ID 188.B3002.


Name Type UCD Unit Description
rave_obs_id char Unique Identifier for RAVE objects: Observation Date, Fieldname, Fibernumber
id_usnob10 char USNOB-1 identifier
dist_usnob10 float pos.angDistance arcsec Center Distance Target-Catalog [J2000] (see Note)
matchflag_usnob10 char meta.code Crossmatch quality flag (Note 7, DR5)
b1mag_usnob10 float phot.mag
mag B mag from USNO-B
r1mag_usnob10 float phot.mag
mag R mag from USNO-B
b2mag_usnob10 float phot.mag
mag B mag from USNO-B
r2mag_usnob10 float phot.mag
mag R mag from USNO-B
imag_usnob10 float phot.mag
mag Catalog I magnitude
pmra_usnob10 float
mas/yr Proper Motion (Right Ascension)
epmra_usnob10 float stat.error
mas/yr Proper Motion error (Right Ascension)
pmde_usnob10 float mas/yr Proper Motion (Declination)
epmde_usnob10 float stat.error
mas/yr Proper Motion error (Declination)