GAUGUIN catalogue with MADERA input (ravedr6.dr6_gauguin_madera)

The table has 453490 rows, 17 columns.


The abundances of the non-iron group elements (Al, Fe, and Ni) and of the α enhancement [α/Fe] derived with the pipeline GAUGUIN and MADERA input


Funding for Rave has been provided by: the Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics Potsdam (AIP); the Australian Astronomical Observatory; the Australian National University; the Australian Research Council; the French National Research Agency; the German Research Foundation (SPP 1177 and SFB 881); the European Research Council (ERC-StG 240271 Galactica); the Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica at Padova; The Johns Hopkins University; the National Science Foundation of the USA (AST-0908326); the W. M. Keck foundation; the Macquarie University; the Netherlands Research School for Astronomy; the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada; the Slovenian Research Agency; the Swiss National Science Foundation; the Science & Technology FacilitiesCouncil of the UK; Opticon; Strasbourg Observatory; and the Universities of Basel, Groningen, Heidelberg and Sydney. This work has made use of data from the European Space Agency (ESA) mission Gaia(, processed by the GaiaData Processing and Analysis Consortium (DPAC, Funding for the DPAC has been provided by national institutions, in particular the institutions participating in the Gaia Multilateral Agreement.


Name Type UCD Unit Description
rave_obs_id char
fe_h_gauguin float
fe_h_error_gauguin float
fe_h_chisq_gauguin float
fe_h_nl_gauguin short
al_h_gauguin float
al_h_error_gauguin float
al_h_chisq_gauguin float
al_h_nl_gauguin short
ni_h_gauguin float
ni_h_error_gauguin float
ni_h_chisq_gauguin float
ni_h_nl_gauguin short
alpha_fe_gauguin float
alpha_fe_error_gauguin float
alpha_fe_chisq_gauguin float
n_elements_gauguin short