stellar_parameters (ravedr4.stellar_parameters)

The table has 449823 rows, 12 columns.


The page describes the columns and properties of the table with stellar parameter pipeline (G. Kordopatis).


Funding for RAVE ( has been provided by institutions of the RAVE participants and by their national funding agencies.


Name Type UCD Unit Description
rave_obs_id char Unique Identifier for RAVE objects, Observation Date, Fieldname, Fibernumber
stn float stat.snr Signal / Noise Ratio Pipeline V < 5.0
snr_k float stat.snr Signal/Noise Ratio of Kordopatis Pipeline
teff_k float phys.temperature.effective K Effective temperature
eteff_k float stat.error
K Effective Temperature error
logg_k float phys.gravity Log gravity (Note 2, DR5)
elogg_k float phys.gravity Log gravity (Note 2, DR5)
met_k float phys.abund.Z [m/H]
emet_k float phys.abund.Z Error of [m/H]
met_n_k float phys.abund.Z Calibrated metallicity [m/H]
algo_conv_k short meta.code.qual Quality Flag for Stellar Parameter pipeline,[0..4]
chisq_k float