chromo_active_stars_rhk (ravedr4.chromo_active_stars_rhk)

The table has 217 rows, 17 columns.


The page describes the columns and properties of the table with chromo active stars (M. Zerjal).


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Name Type UCD Unit Description
rave_obs_id char Unique Identifier for RAVE objects, Observation Date, Fieldname, Fibernumber
radeg double pos.eq.ra deg Right Ascension (J2000)
dedeg double pos.eq.dec deg Declination (J2000)
stn_k float stat.snr Signal/Noise Ratio of Kordopatis Pipeline (DR4)
ewirt float spect.line.eqWidth Angstrom Equivalent Linewidth, Zerjal et al (AJ2013)
eewirt double stat.error Angstrom error Equivalent Linewidth, Zerjal et al (AJ2013)
r_hk float phot.flux
er_hk float stat.error error log(R'HK)
ref char meta.bib log(R'HK) reference
ageref char meta.bib log(Age[yr]) with reference
flle char meta.code Average flag from LLE classification
teff_m float phys.temperature.effective K Effective Temperature, Zerjal et al. (AJ2013)
eteff_m float stat.error
K Effective Temperature error, Zerja et al (AJ2013)
logg_m float phys.gravity Gravity, Zerjal et al (AJ2013)
elogg_m float phys.gravity error Gravity, Zerjal et al. (AJ2013)
met_m float phys.abund.Z [m/H], Zerjal et al (AJ2013)
emet_m float phys.abund.Z Error of [m/H], Zerjal et al (AJ2013)