Rave spectra

The DR6 of RAVE releases calibrated spectra.

You can find the fits files of the spectra in the "ravedr6"."dr6_spectra" table, access by the query interface.

How to view a spectrum

Each single spectrum has a page with a graph and an extraction of values from the database. This is very useful if you want to look/inspect a spectrum.

You can access the landing page for a single spectrum directly by using the prefix https://www.rave-survey.org/spectra/ and appending its rave_obs_id.

Caveat: Please verify that your selected spectrum is available. The spectra do not have a continous numbering!

Via the Query-Interface you get the valid links

SELECT rave_obs_id, spectrum_png, spectrum_fits
  FROM ravedr6.dr6_spectra
 WHERE rave_obs_id = '20100502_1050m50_031'

Clicking on the image will provide you with a page where basic properties derived from the spectrum are shown.